How I Discovered Cure For Herpes

My cousin brother has been diagnosed with having herpes infection recently and he has been advised by his collegues in the office to check out the internet for tips on curing herpes.For one thing, my cousin is not very savvy using the internet.  So, he asked me to help him…. and actually I am not that good myself! For one thing, he does not like to use drugs and so he wanted me to check out the information on finding some home remedies for herpes.

As expected, there are tons of free information on this subject. I explored forums and medical journals; trying to obtain the best methods of natural treatment for herpes.   After compiling the information (took me about 2 weeks), I gave him a checklist of things that he should start doing to improve on his condition.One month later, I visited him and asked him about his progress.  He told me that he gave up one week ago because all the methods that he tried do not work.   He told me that some of the methods are just too complicated to follow. He followed the simpler ones but found them to be ineffective.

Not wanting him to give up, I started to do some brainstorming on why free methods on the internet hardly work and I concluded the following:1) One Person’s Experience

There are no evidence that a particular method of using home remedies for herpes can be duplicated by another individual. Most information is just an experience (a good one though) of a person and that person wants to “share it with the world”. He/She does not guarantee that it will work for you.2)  No Scientific Back Up

Very little research effort is put in for most of these free methods. Coming to think of it, maybe that is why the information is free.3)  No Systematic Approach:

Most of these free methods and so called herpes cures are difficult to implement because the problem is not dealt with in a systematic way. There is always some pieces missing and because of it, the whole approach just falls apart.So my conclusion is : Free Things Not Good – Good Things Not Free!!

With this conclusion, I decided to start exploring “Paid Information” on the subject of “Home Remedies For Herpes”. I found several popular programs based on the feedback from actual users in forums and Facebook. My cousin decided to invest in one that he is convinced of. Since most of these paid programs come with a Money Back Guarantee, he felt that there is really nothing to lose. Well, to cut the story short, he did not have to ask back his money….because the program WORKED for him !!

My cousin saw all the notes that I have gathered for him and it struck him that this information can be extremely useful for someone else; who like him have had enough of FREE information that does not work.

I felt the same way too. So, I decided to start up this site to educate others on what they can expect to see in terms of their own results from using some of these paid programs. Though there are many paid programs on home remedies for Herpes, I have just shortlisted the few that have good responses from cure for herpes actual users. Many users like to share their experience (both good and bad) in certain medical forum and this is where I find them.

My objective is to provide you with the correct type of information of some of the most popular programs on home remedies for Herpes. You can then make an informed decision as to which program you want to follow.

But in any case that you are not satisfied with the results, you can always ask for a refund and normally it is quite a straight forward process.